The Pepper Thief by Al Urbonavicius


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The Pepper Thief by Al Urbonavicius

1519. Ferdinand Magellan provisions his fleet at the busy docks of Seville, Spain where he contends with spies, pilferers, the powerful House of Trade of the Indies, and the mischievous spirit of Christopher Columbus. His biggest concern, however, is over the petty thief Juan Rodriguez, who joins the armada to impress the woman of his dreams.
Three years later, eighteen weary sailors return to Seville on the bruised and battered Victoria, the first vessel to circumnavigate the globe and the sole remaining ship of Magellan’s five-vessel fleet. The survivors include Juan Rodriguez and the commander of the crippled vessel, Juan Sebastian Elcano. Both men compete for the same woman’s affection. Rodriguez will preserve Magellan’s legacy, for a price, while Elcano conspires with the powerful leader of the House of Trade of the Indies, Bishop Fonseca, to erase it.

Keywords: Seville, Magellan, spices, pepper, Spain, circumnavigation, sailing, Columbus, ghosts, Victoria,

Genre: Drama, Historical
Acts: 2
Run time: 150 minutes
Suitable for students 14+
Content note: There are several instances of mild profanity. One minor female character is a prostitute.

Cast size: 15 actors
Male roles: 13
Female roles: 2
Casting note: The characters range from ten years of age to sixty. They are of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese origin. All dialogue is in English.