The Pear is Ripe by Shirley Barrie


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In the early 1830's the economically divided city of Paris is rocked by the Saint Simonians. This wildly popular social movement believes in technology, universal education, free trade, emancipation for women and the poor, and free love.
Suzanne Voilquin, a semi-illiterate seamstress falls under the spell of the charismatic leader, Prosper Enfantin, and her life is transformed. But the movement's good intentions meet strong official opposition and a progressive social movement begins to evolve into a cult. As symbolism increasingly takes over from reality, a core group sets off to Egypt to join east and west, male and female by building a canal through Suez.
Suzanne endures betrayal and great emotional loss before she can finally accept that her faith has been misplaced, and begin to find her own way forward.
Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: 2001 at Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, ON.
Running TIme: 110 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 10
Female Cast: 10