The Past by Arthur Holden


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The Past by Arthur Holden

When Lynn Ladouceur and Ray McGuinness encounter each other at an AA meeting, it’s immediately clear that they’re kindred spirits: middle-aged, bookish, quietly ironic, humbled by the deep self-inflicted anguish that has marred both their lives. From their encounter, intimacy is born. Is love possible between two such damaged souls? Is it advisable? Or safe? When Rose Mourinho, the idealistic young social worker whose efforts caused the encounter, realizes that Lynn and Ray have become lovers, she sets about driving them apart. She succeeds, at a terrible cost. But even amidst the ruins of shattered love, as Ray sits drunk and weeping on the floor of a church basement, there is still a flicker of hope. The Past is a wistful, unexpectedly funny play about the things that remain after lives go wrong, and the light that flickers in the darkness of broken hearts.


Keywords: Alcoholics Anonymous, love, Montreal, Mansfield Park

Running Time: 100 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 2