The Passionate Muse by Elisabeth Wagner


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The Passionate Muse by Elisabeth Wagner

This musical play is an imagined final recital by the famed 19th Century singer-composer, Pauline Viardot-Garcia.  In the play, Pauline reflects on her life, loves, and music. Few people today know her fascinating story, but she was the toast of the town in mid-19th C Paris and an inspiration to many of the great artists of her day -- Chopin and George Sand, Berlioz and Gounod, and Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev. She was called the most intelligent woman of the century by her friend, novelist George Sand, but “people of genius have no time for love”. The play integrates songs she sang, that were dedicated to her, and that she composed. A unique salon story about a fascinating woman and creative artist.

Year Printed: 2018

First Produced: Victoria (Nov 3, 2006)

Acts: 2

Running Time: 90

Female Cast: 1

Two additional primary roles (female singer and pianist), 2 secondary singer roles