The Nisei & The Narnauks by Paul Van Dyck


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The Nisei & The Narnauks is an all-ages Canadian historical fantasy involving puppetry, mask and music. In the guise of an Alice in Wonderland-like coming of age adventure story, this play re-examines the distressing treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War II and juxtaposes it with the overall treatment of First Nations People.
Keywords: Japanese, Canadian, Internment, Puppets, Haida, Gwaii, Native, Aboriginal, British Columbia, Adventure, History, Children
Year Printed: 2015
First Produced: 2015 at MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels), Montreal, QC
Running TIme: 70 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2
Suitable for School Performances: Students age 14+