The Mountain by Chelsea Woolley


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The Mountain by Chelsea Woolley

Aya, the lady adventurer, (not a princess because princesses are stuck up), just wants to go home. She is a refugee and that means she is not from here. She’s tired of Canada, and wants to go back to her great and magical valley, far, far away. Only problem is, her dad won’t answer her phone calls, she’s broke, and the lonely boy she’s found to be her side-kick, doesn’t want to help. A timely show for young people about fear, bullies, war, and the mountain we must climb together, as one, to find peace.

Keywords: Immigration, refugee, Friendship, TYA, children, imagination, peace

Running Time: 45 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 1

Suitable for School Productions: Students 10+

Maximum Number of Roles: 5

Minimum Number of Roles: 2