The Monkey Queen by Diana Tso


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The Monkey Queen by Diana Tso

The Monkey Queen is a journey eastwards, inspired by the mythology of the Monkey King in Wu Cheng’en’s 16th century epic, “Journey to the West”. She is his counterpart, born in the West, journeying east the Canadian landscape in search of her spiritual and ancestral roots as she discovers her own meaning and empowerment as a female warrior. 

This ancient mythology of the playwright’s ancestral roots ignited her imagination in re-envisioning the story through her personal journey as a Chinese Canadian female artist. Her Asian roots and European theatre training and upbringing in the west are reflected in the weaving together of dramatic styles from both eastern and western storytelling aesthetics.


Male roles: 1

Female roles: 1

Other Roles: 12

Running Time: 60 minutes

Keywords: Monkey Warrior Women Empowerment Canada Epic Journey East Spirituality Mythology

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