The Last Stop by Robert J. Wheeler


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The Last Stop by Robert J. Wheeler

In “The Last Stop” ROB THE PLAYWRIGHT has died, finds himself in playwrights’ heaven, but he has not finished the play he was working on, complains so vehemently he’s turned playwrights’ Heaven into playwrights’ Hell, so STELLA, GOD’S special angel, is dispatched to find him a body so he can finish his play. Little does Rob know Stella is one mistake away from playing for the Other team.

Keywords: Fantasy, Comedy, Heaven, Hell

Produced at the London One Act Festival, London ON, 2016

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes

Cast size: 14 actors
Male roles: 9
Female roles: 5
Casting note: Doubling can work with this play.