The Last President of Canada by Doug Rutherford


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The Last President of Canada by Doug Rutherford

In 1966, Paul Chartier blamed the government for his many failures. He decided to get revenge by throwing a bomb on the floor of the House of Commons, delivering a speech listing his grievances, and declaring himself the President of Canada. His plan was unsuccessful and he died in the attempt.
Now, the ghost of Chartier is offered the opportunity to deliver his speech... from the afterlife.

Produced by Yukon Artists Collective Theatre, 2019

Keywords:  Terrorism, House of Commons, mental illness

Genre: Drama
Run time: 50 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 1
"Chartier was an interesting figure, and he remains one as presented by Rutherford in this play that explores an idiosyncratic character, mental illness, and obscure Canadian history."
- Ryan Pepper, Capital Critics' Circle
"This wretchedly charismatic but unreliable narrator trusts the audience to fill in the story behind the story, and this makes for an absorbing one man show."
- Helen Lam, Apt613