The Judge's Daughter by Mairy Beam


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The Judge's Daughter by Mairy Beam

This play takes place in the Whistler ski cabins of brilliant lawyer, Judge Kelly Saint Patrick, and her lawyer husband James Brown. Young love blooms for their daughter, Erin, and her activist friend. When a sudden death raises the morality of jailing anti-pipeline protesters, family relationships and professional reputations are threatened. It’s time for judgement and the audience is the jury.

The Judge’s Daughter is provoking discussion as it dares to question the actions of our BC Supreme Court Judges. There are two ways this could go, and the next scene hinges on the judgement of you, the audience.

The playwright wrote this piece after experiencing first-hand the heavy hand of justice in the BC courts. It was dramatic, engaging, and an eye opener -- juicy material for a play. The characters, based on real people are dealing with family issues that are so common, but also with the larger issue of justice in a climate crisis.

Produced at the Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver BC, October 2023
Received a Sinister Seniors Ensemble production at Vancouver Fringe Festival, 2023

Keywords: Family relationships, climate crisis, justice, civil disobedience, deportation

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Suitable for students 14+

Cast size: 4
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
Casting notes: 
o Judge Kelly Sainte-Patrick – brilliant lawyer, early sixties
o James Brown – her 2nd husband, retired lawyer, late sixties
o Erin Brown – daughter of Kelly and James, 30 years old, works in a bar in Whistler
o Amir Miri – love interest of Erin, immigrant to Canada, activist

"In The Judge’s Daughter, playwright Mairy Beam delivers an unapologetic message in favour of climate activism."
- Colin Thomas

"[The Judge's Daughter]....invites audiences to consider the actions of the Canadian judiciary in the treatment of Indigenous land defenders and climate protectors."
- Same Spiegel, National Observer