The Huns by Michael Ross Albert


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The Huns by Michael Ross Albert

The morning after a break-in at a tech company, three co-workers assemble for a conference call to discuss the burglary. What starts as a civilized, professional meeting swiftly devolves into a brutal showdown that puts everyone’s careers -- and their hopes for future happiness-- in jeopardy.

A menacing, new workplace comedy about millennial anxieties, minor revolutions, and modern-day barbarians.

Produced at Streetcar Crowsnest, Guloien Theatre (Toronto Fringe Festival), July 2019

Keywords: Dark Comedy, Millennials, Work, Tech, Mental Health
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Run time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1

Actors: 3
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
Other roles: 12
"An outstanding production with acute insight into the modern workplace. "
-NOW Magazine

"It’s funny, it’s moving, it’s fantastically sharp in both technical execution and societal incision"
-My Entertainment World

"A thrilling hour of relatable madness."
-Istvan Reviews

" It made me laugh, it made me angry, I felt anxious and sad and so many other things I couldn’t articulate if I tried, and that is something rare in any theatre..."
-Stage Door Toronto

"Razor-sharp, brutally honest..."
-Life with More Cowbell

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