The Herd by Kenneth T. Williams

Scirocco Drama

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The Herd by Kenneth T. Williams

Culture, science, and commerce collide when twin white buffalo calves are born on a First Nations ranch in Saskatchewan. Are they the sign of the prophecy or the results of genetic manipulation? As crowds of pilgrims gather to witness what they hope is a miracle in action, the reserve’s veterinarian, Dr. Vanessa Brokenhorn, must do all that she can to protect her research and the twin calves.

“The audience is swept into a carefully-crafted world where percolating humour helps navigate issues of culture, spirituality, land, economics and identity spinning quickly alongside each other.” — Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal

The Herd is a powerful and topical production that resonates long after the final curtain.” — Sarah Dussome, Broadway World

Cast size: 5 actors
Female roles: 3
Male roles: 2