The Gift of the Magi adapted by John Cook


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The Gift of the Magi adapted by John Cook

The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry was first published in 1905. It is a classic tale of a young husband and wife who have little money but want to buy a special gift for each other at Christmas.

This story was adapted for a theatre production, where the audience is transported back in time to the Golden Age of radio. Just like back then, the ‘studio audience’ gets to see the actors reading their scripts at their microphones, and watch the Foley create sound effects. The script includes the option of having live singers perform songs from the forties at one point during the show.

Keywords: radio show, Christmas, adaptation, gifts, O. Henry, Magi

First produced by Gladstone Theatre, Ottawa, December 2014
Genre: Drama, Adaptation
Run time: 15 minutes
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 4
Double roles: 1
Maximum number of roles: 9
Minimum number of roles: 7
Suitable for students aged 12+