The Ghosts' Greenroom by Kevin Longfield


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The Ghosts' Greenroom by Kevin Longfield

A puppet play, set in the Ghosts’ greenroom, a place where ghostly characters from great plays hang out until an actor takes the stage playing their character, and they get summoned to be the actor’s muse. A lonely concierge in the vestibule greets a new arrival and shows him the ropes.

Keywords: Hamlet, ghosts, puppets, pandemic, Ibsen, metaphorical, Noel Coward, satire

Performed at the Theatre of Everyday cabaret, Winnipeg MB, 2024

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 7 minutes
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 1 actors
Male roles: 3
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 1
Casting notes: This play was performed as a one-person puppet show, but could be staged with more than one actor, performed with or without puppets. Non-traditional casting is welcome.