The Frank Diary of Anne by Chloe Whitehorn


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The Frank Diary of Anne by Chloe Whitehorn

One girl's thoughts on past loves, family tragedy, and YouTube. Anne couldn't control who she fell in love with, but should her mother be allowed to choose for her? As a child Anne played make-believe and hide-and-seek in her attic. Now, on the eve of her wedding, in her favourite hiding space, she discovers something that has been hidden for years that changes everything. Through her memories and video diaries Anne pieces together the answer to the question "was it all real?", because sometimes playing pretend is the only way to live the reality you want.

Keywords: online, video, diary, death, suicide, marriage, siblings, brother, sister, incest, drama, comedy, monologue, attic
Year Printed: 2012
Running TIme: 50 minutes
Acts: 1
Female Cast: 1