The Far-off Edge of Things by Virginia Page Jähne


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The Far-off Edge of Things by Virginia Page Jähne

A prehistoric Archaeopteryx, an extinct passenger pigeon, and a mythological Egyptian Bennu all share the stage with Morgan, a birder with a grudge-holding raven companion. Yet, the play is the very human love story of a person with disability and Giles, their caregiver and partner. Barriers to relationships parallel a story about barriers to accessibility and are juxtaposed with a devolving narrative that is complicated by bureaucratic nonsense during a catastrophic climate warming event — the reversal of The Red River.

Keywords: disability, birds, love, caregiving, climate warming, climate change, humour, flood, Manitoba, gender fluid, bureaucracy
Genre: Magical Realism/Realism/Absurdism
Run time: 120 minutes
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 8-15 actors
All roles are gender-fluid.
Casting note: A wheelchair enabled person, or person with mobility impairment must be cast as Morgan. Doubling is expected for committee members. Morgan, Bran and Giles should not be doubled.