The Coyotes by Peter Anderson


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The Coyotes by Peter Anderson

Part romantic musical comedy, part dystopian fairy tale The Coyotes was first produced in 1978. This 2019 revision blends magic realism, political satire and antic humour in a poetic tapestry of greed, love and transformation set in the near future.

In a world devastated by drought, a run-down farm with the last well on earth is home to the widow Agnes and her two grown daughters; three hungry coyotes — White Shadow, Muzzleguts and Slobberjaw — prowl the farm in search of food; two nefarious realtors connive to buy the farm for a gated community; and the ghost of Agnes’s dead husband implores her not to sell. When the mythic white coyote falls in love with one of the widow’s daughters a chain of events is triggered leading to a seven year curse upon the land. A curse which can only be lifted if a fragile harmony with nature is restored.

With a new score by John Millard.

Keywords: Climate change, comedy, music, coyotes, mythology, environment, commedia, masks, farm, land, real estate, dystopian, women, family, romance, poetry

First Produced by the Caravan Stage Company, BC, 1978

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 120 minutes
Male Cast: 5
Female Cast: 4

Musician roles: 3

One doubled role possible

Optional chorus (up to 8)


Cover art features Mike Kennard in the Caravan Farm Theatre production. Photo by Cody Clyburn