The County Town by Greg Longfellow


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The County Town by Greg Longfellow

Bruce County in the 1860s. The mayors of 9 towns have been battling for 10 years for the title of County Town. Ross Munro, the rapacious mayor of Southampton whose style bears an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump, launches an aggressive and devious campaign to gain the title which will also enlarge his real estate empire. His encounters with each mayor lays bare his Machiavellian tactics. Fed up with the wrangling, Ontario's temperance Lieutenant Governor, William Pearse Howland (who disapproves both of the rustic lifestyle and the prodigious consumption of alcohol in the Bruce) calls a meeting to settle the matter.

Keywords: Bruce County, county town, mayors, Trump, Walkerton, Southampton

Genre: Satirical Comedy

Run time: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 10
Female roles: 2
*Playwright's note regarding casting:  Since all mayors and reeves in the 1860s were men, the cast is unavoidably unbalanced - 10M 2F.  However, 3 of the male parts could easily be played by women - and were written to accommodate that.*
Suitable for students 16+