The Cole Porter Suite by Elyse Friedman


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The Cole Porter Suite by Elyse Friedman

- You know, something I’ve always found so profound.... the musicians kept playing while the Titanic sank.

- That’s ‘cause they were being paid by the hour, Cecilia.

The Cole Porter Suite is a dramedy about a group of friends who travel to New York City for a very special celebration. They are marking the completion of chemo for one of the women in attendance. But when she reveals that her treatment has been unsuccessful, the evening takes a dramatic turn and the women must figure out how to navigate the gathering in the face of their friend’s impending death.

Keywords: Friendship, Illness, Mortality, Music

Genre: Dramedy

Run time: 80 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 6
Musician roles: 1 (male role)
Not suitable for school productions (mature subject matter, older female cast)