The Broken Shoe by Vicki J. Zhang


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The Broken Shoe by Vicki J. Zhang

Inspired by true events. A young Chinese woman has been "quarantined" for months after her childbirth. She goes down the memory lane - her years of wrestling with the traditional womanhood near Confucius' hometown. Once with lofty career aspirations, she strove for success until life threw her into a downward spiral. Is she getting out of this forced quarantine, or is the sinister force closing in on her?

A runner-up of 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival New Play Contest, and one of the winners of the juried Ergo Pink Fest 2019.

Keywords: China, feminism, arranged marriage, traditional womanhood, philanderer, Confucian values

Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 3
Female role: 3
Doubled roles: 2