The Bridge by Shauntay Grant

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The Bridge by Shauntay Grant

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Set in a rural Black Nova Scotian community, The Bridge explores the complex relationship between two brothers strained over twenty years of secrecy, deception, and dishonour. Secrets are revealed one by one from the brothers themselves, as well as a trio of community gossips who provide the musical backdrop for this gospel-infused tale. A story of a family torn apart by betrayal, The Bridge invites us to consider the roads we choose in life, and to wonder whether we can ever cross back over the bridges we burn along the way.

Run time: 90 minutes

Cast size: 7 actors

Female roles: 4

Male roles: 3

Winner, Robert Merritt Award for Outstanding New Play by a Nova Scotian 2020

“The Bridge already feels like it should be a classic of the Canadian theatre canon . . . The intricate way this story is woven is unique and artful, and its layers create a resonant and powerfully emotional experience. ”
- Amanda "Equality" Campbell, TWISI: The Way I See It Theatre Blog

“The Bridge succeeds because it appeals to all the wonderful and inescapable facets of the human condition. For all of the trespasses, tests, and tribulations thrown our way, it is ultimately our decision of how we choose to react and respond. ”
- Carey Bray, Halifax Bloggers