The Beaver Club by Barb Scheffler


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The Beaver Club by Barb Scheffler

A hilarious story about four disparate women who embark on a riotous road trip from Toronto to Dildo Newfoundland. Along the way they grapple with their past, present and future. Through skinny dipping and scrapbooking, shared secrets and new beginnings, the members of the Beaver Club forge a bond, and discover life is better when you can face the world together.

Keywords: road trip, older women, life, love, regret, hope, Canada

Produced at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, Port Stanley ON, August 2023

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 105 minutes
Content notes: Contains mild swearing, references to sexual acts. This play requires that projected images be used in the production.

Cast size: 4 actors
Female roles: 4
Casting note: All of the characters are women in their 60s. The character of Eunice is from Newfoundland and speaks with a regional dialect. The character of Yvette speaks with a French-Canadian accent.

"The world premiere of Barb Scheffler’s comedy The Beaver Club is simply a revelation. Well-written, beautifully acted, expertly directed, with a modest yet effective set and excellent lighting, it all adds up to an instant Canadian theatre classic."
- Sookie Mei, Entertain This Thought

"Prepare for a journey that crosses provincial lines and emotional boundaries. Get ready to immerse yourself in a love letter to Canada that serves up a hearty dose of comedy, a sprinkle of drama, and an affectionate exploration of Canadian culture."
- The London Free Press