The Autism Monologues by Christine Rodriguez


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The Autism Monologues by Christine Rodriguez

Experience a theatrical journey of discovery that interweaves stories told from the perspective of autistic people, their family members, advocates, and hinderers.

The play is inspired by interviews with autistic individuals, their family members and people who work with autistic people, documentaries and actual events. 

(This piece is meant to be performed as an ensemble with actors taking turns performing the various roles. At least one actor must be diagnosed with autism and at least one actor must be black, based on the actual people the characters were based upon.)

Keywords: autism, social services, special needs, inclusion, diversity, parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, community

First produced at the 2018 Montreal Fringe Festival
Genre: Drama
Run time: 60 minutes
Male roles: 10
Female roles: 12
Suitable for students aged 16+
Maximum number of roles: 32
Minimum number of roles: 5
"There is a sort of unbounded power within those monologues; a power that transformed the space and the people within it."
- Alt Theatre

"It is astonishing that Christine Rodriguez, (whose son is autistic) can write so clearly and poignantly on the subject of autism. In the Autism Monologues, she has taken the stories of psychologists and families and the children and adults who suffer from autism and woven them into a remarkable piece of theatre. The five actors move smoothly from persona to persona and perform the impossible act of making autism and its effect on families both interesting and comprehensible."
- Montreal Rampage

"The cast of five actors do a wonderful job in taking the audience on the journey with them. Most commendable are the portrayals of individuals with autism – from a nonverbal child, to a likable teen with Asperger’s syndrome lamenting the fact that he believes the disorder is responsible for his restricted iPad use – this play does a fantastic job in demonstrating how autism affects everyone differently."