That Land Beyond the Waves by Rajnish Dhawan


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That Land Beyond the Waves by Rajnish Dhawan

Harnam Singh a South Asian immigrant living in the Abbotsford, BC in 1914 is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his sister who is aboard the Japanese ship the Komagata Maru. His hopes are dashed when owing to the racist policies of the government the ship is not allowed to dock and it is moored a few hundred yards off the coast of Vancouver. Harnam finds a friend and a sympathizer in Frances, a middle aged wife of a Mill owner. As the long drawn political and legal battle to decide the fate of the passengers on the ill-fated ship ensues, Harnam, finds solace in the company of Frances. This play explores the importance of inter-cultural dialogue and relationships in the wake of a divisive narrative that pervades the contemporary society.

"That Land Beyond the Waves" is the first full length play in English that uses a fictional narrative to present the facts about the Komagata Maru Saga of 1914. The play is an attempt to connect the modern day audience with the social and political narratives that caused this tragedy a century ago, and implores the audience to look within and without to see if those discourses still continue to haunt the modern society.

Keywords: Komagata Maru, Vancouver, immigration, Hopkinson, Centenary

Running Time: 120 minutes

Male Cast: 27

Female Cast: 9

Suitable for School Productions: Students 10+

Maximum Number of Roles: 36

Minimum Number of Roles: 20