Tell Us What Happened by Michelle Robb

Scirocco Drama

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Tell Us What Happened by Michelle Robb

For the past three years, Charlie and her two roommates have been running a secret online girl group, “Tell Us What Happened,” which boasts over 400 members and prides itself on being a safe space for young women to disclose their stories and support each other. Tensions rise when a handful of members come to realize they have all been sexually mistreated by the same guy–and that guy happens to be Charlie’s best friend, Josh. Alliances are stretched to the breaking point as the girls pursue justice while Josh and Charlie fight for their friendship.

Tell Us What Happened is a charged investigation into the mechanics of sexual assault reconciliation in the age of social media.

“Throughout the 90-minute one-act, there is the sickening reminder that what happens on the internet stays on the internet. The characters must deal with all that goes on within a forum that exposes everyone, forever…It’s a messy play that ends with a shocking punch to the gut.” — Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal

“By the end I found I’d been clutching my reading glasses so hard in one hand I’d bent them out of shape…In a repertoire of foregone conclusions, this new play is impressively fearless.” — Liz Nicholls, 12th Night

Tell Us What Happened artfully fits in enough to keep us talking for the next ten years.” — Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal

Cast size: 5 actors
Female roles: 4
Male roles: 1