Sunday Morning Classics by Gillian Corsiatto


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Sunday Morning Classics by Gillian Corsiatto

Bethany Jacobs is quite the handful! Though she is smart and articulate, her grades in school simply cannot seem to stay at the same average as her classmates. Throughout this three act play, Bethany encounters both people who very much believe in her potential, and people who try to stand in the way of her ever reaching success. Driven by her passion for music, Bethany ages from little girl to university student, where she surprises even her most loyal of supporters by how her talent truly makes a difference on the world.

Keywords: Music, coming of age, classical music, school, elementary school, high school, college, summer school, university, fire, arson

Genre: Play with Music
Acts: 3
Run time: 70 minutes
Suitable for students 10+

Cast size: 21 actors
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 6
Other roles: 10
Casting notes: Some scenes require background characters, contributing to the high cast size. Options for doubling available.