Stiff by Hope Thompson


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Stiff by Hope Thompson

Two couples are invited to a party at a remote mansion but the party ends when the host—an inventor of a male sexual stimulant—is found murdered. The group is sequestered in a room where they await the arrival of a detective who will take their statements. But as they wait and tensions mount, truth and lies spill out as the couples get their story straight.

Keywords:  queer, lesbian, mystery, sex, 1950s, pulp

Produced by Play Noir, Punk Monkey Productions - Actors Workout Theatre (2013) and  Triple Bill: 'Fear and Desire (And The Whole Damn Thing)' at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (2013)

Acts: 1
Genre: Mystery
Run time: 25 minutes
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
Suitable for students 16+