St. Anne’s Reel by Gil Garratt

Scirocco Drama

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St. Anne’s Reel by Gil Garratt

Daniel, a washed-up Dollywood rhinestone cowboy, returns home to the farm near Wingham after many years, on the occasion of his mother’s death. Despite his best intentions, Daniel gets drawn right back into scrapping with his old man, Walter, who used to play fiddle with the Ranch Boys on Circle 8. This drama about a prodigal son and his cantankerous father is by turns starkly humorous and deeply moving.

Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1

“St. Anne’s Reel is like the strains of an old country waltz, heard far off in the distance, when green cornfields turn to rose as dusk descends at the height of summer … The drama captures two people, father and son, caught in the eternal predicament of living perplexing, imperfect lives. It is a condition we all share in common with Walter and Daniel.” —The Guelph Mercury