Sound of the Beast by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

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Sound of the Beast by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

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Introduction by Kern Albert
Afterword by Andy McKim & Jivesh Parasram

"Compassion is good, but it’s just motivation. Cars need engines. Movements need mobilization. "

Through spoken word, storytelling and hip hop, acclaimed wordsmith Donna-Michelle St. Bernard illuminates racial discrimination, the suppression of expression and the trials of activism. Her experience as a Canadian emcee is woven through with allusion to Tunisian emcee Weld El 15’s unjust imprisonment for rhymes against a regime. This story creates a space to reflect on how we are connected to the systems that oppress us, and how we can empower each other to rise up.

Run time: 75 minutes

“Effective, disturbing, and enlightening. ”

- Karen Fricker, Toronto Star

“As poignant as it is playful. Utterly affecting. ”

- Camila Fitzgibbon, Montreal Theatre Hub

“Unusual and disarming. ”

- J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail