Someone Like You by Christine Quintana


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Someone Like You by Christine Quintana

A boyfriend from hell. A nightmare apartment. A botched Tinder date. Isabelle and Kristen have been through a lot together. But the arrival of Kristen’s new romantic interest leaves Isabelle wondering how long she can stay in a supporting role. This new comedy launches Cyrano de Bergerac into the 21st century: mistaken identities, millennial manifestos, and the quest for self-love. Who might be waiting in the wings?

Keywords: female friendships, self-esteem, fat liberation, adaptation, romantic comedy
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Run time: 125 minutes
Content note: Contains casual profanity, discussion of body image, discussion of racism, discussion of abusive relationships.

Cast size: 3 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
Casting notes: 
Isabelle – Fiery, Open-Hearted, Verbose. Isabelle identifies as fat, and is white.
Kristin – Vulnerable, Loyal, A Wild Card. Kristin is Chinese-Canadian.
Harjit – Funny, Charming, Lonely. Harjit is Indo-Canadian of Sikh Punjabi descent.