So, How Should I Be? by Linda A. Carson


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So, How Should I Be? by Linda A. Carson

A play for audiences as young as ten years old, "So, How Should I Be?" integrates technology, illusion, and storytelling to address the underlying triggers that could lead to an Eating Disorder. Through personal, true stories from three generations, the actors look for clues that might help someone steer clear of the trap. The three characters, Ilana, Joel and Manami set off to discover how voices can get stuck in someone’s head and then take over to become a “Thought Monster”. Just as their experiment is getting dangerous, a book magically appears with verbatim stories from three generations to help them unravel the mystery. As they travel more deeply into the territory of mental illness and disordered eating, Ilana reveals that one of the stories in the book is her own. Together they help Ilana keep her two feet on the ground as she tackles the thoughts in her head.

Produced by Presentation House Theatre, North Vancouver. October 2018

Genre: Theatre for Young Audiences 10 to 14 years - A Mystery

Run time: 50 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2