Smarty Pants by Shelley Hoffman and Stephen Sparks


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Smarty Pants by Shelley Hoffman and Stephen Sparks

A comedy caper about middle-aged friendship and how to make friends with your ex.

Linda’s two oldest friends, Trudy and Gail, are worried about her. Ever since her ex-husband, Rob, became a tech millionaire she’s been… well… a serious grump. So they’ve hatched a plan: Break into his cottage and retrieve a gift she feels he ought to have returned when they broke up. That ought to bring their “old Linda” back, right? Hmm…

The caper goes off the rails when instead of finding the small Rodin hand sculpture, Linda discovers a well-stocked wine cooler. Then Rob makes a surprise entrance, interrupting an impromptu pajama party and all hell breaks loose!

Smarty Pants is the second offering from playwrighting team, Stephen Sparks and Shelley Hoffman. Their debut play, Buying the Farm was short-listed for the Tom Hendry comedy award and has gone on to 5 productions in less than two years, breaking box office records for several of its productions.

Smarty Pants – The oh-so-not-so romantic comedy featuring wearable tech, knock out martial arts moves, and a turkey thawing in the sink.

Keywords:  Best friends, divorce, middle age 

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 3