SMALLBOTS by Julia Lederer


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SMALLBOTS by Julia Lederer

In a world where having biological children can be inaccessible to many, parents start adopting robot kids. And these "SmallBots" are just about perfect. It's the more responsible choice: for humans, the world is full of viruses, violence, prejudice, and unfulfilled dreams. For replaceable robots, it's completely safe.

Before long, every parent wants a SmallBot.
But what about real kids? How can they compete with machines that are built to do everything exactly as desired at top aptitudes? SmallBots have skills that can be bought!
Then, when given the opportunity to receive a micro-chip to help them measure up, what choice do human kids make?
A play inspired by youth activism, our dependence on technology, and taking the time to ask teenagers what kind of world they want to live in.

Set completely over Zoom, SMALLBOTS happens during a pandemic but is not about one. It reflects our world without being a COVID play.

This play is for students (college and high school) and groups of teenage and young adult performers and was developed with the Senior Company at the Young People's Theatre in Toronto.

As opposed to being another play that has to be regulated into a Zoom performance so it can exist, it is a play that HAS to exist on Zoom.

There is a version of SMALLBOTS written to be performed in person. Please contact the playwright for this script.

Keywords: school, technology, robots, students, teenagers, college, youth, comedy, drama, zoom, virus
Genre: Comedic Drama
Suitable for students 12+

Acts: 1
Run time: 55 minutes
Cast size: 13 actors
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 8
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 1
Casting note: The casting for this play is flexible with cast size and gender. There are 13 roles, but it was workshopped with doubling. It can be done with 5-13 actors. Genders defined above are also very flexible with casting. Most characters can be played by any gender, binary or non.