Sleigh Without Bells: a ghost story about the Donnellys by James Reaney


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A young German from Hibbert Township Perth County is sent by his father to take some money to a farmer in Southwold twp; he is warned to avoid driving his sleigh through Biddulph Township and its Irish settlement. In a blizzard he ends up at the Donnelly house and becomes heavily involved in their tragedy, barely escaping with his life. He is pursued by their ghosts, but crossing a river leaves them behind and arrives safely home. With surprise, we learn that he was dreaming this while sleeping near the ruins of the Donnelly farmhouse a year or two after their massacre.

Year Printed: 2000

First Produced: 1987 by David Smiths Puppet Productions and Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre at the London Regional Art & Historical Muserum, London, Ontario.

Acts: 2
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2