Sixty Below by Leonard Linklater and Patti Flather


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Explores issues of identity, substance abuse, racism, and spirituality through the story of a young native man recently released from jail, and his relationships with his girlfriend and his buddies. The ghost of a loved one who has died haunts the play.

It’s nearly winter solstice when Henry gets out of jail, ready to straighten out his life. Of course it’s not that easy: his old buddies just want to party, his girlfriend’s moving ahead of him, and then there’s the ghost of Johnnie, everyone’s hero, who just won’t leave the northern lights.

Keywords: Yukon jail Indigenous North healing decolonization suicide addictions substance abuse racism Aboriginal spirituality prison.

Year Printed: 2004
First Produced: In 1993 at Nakai Theatre Ensemble, Whitehorse.

Written With: Leonard Linklater.

Running Time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 2