Sinkhole (or six ways to disappear) by Adjani Poirier


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Sinkhole (or six ways to disappear) by Adjani Poirier

A heat wave descends upon the city, school’s out for summer and Benita can’t wait to finally relax. But when a mischievous sinkhole cracks open below her apartment building and a beloved community member goes missing, it’s clear that the universe has something else in store for her. While Benita attempts to do damage control on these major issues, her neighbours choose to ignore them. Instead, Mabs obsessively hangs her laundry, Pete tries to retire, DJ hunts for jobs and Roo is most definitely hiding something. On top of all this Benita is fairly certain she just heard the sinkhole sing…but that would be impossible, right?Through the interwoven stories of an intergenerational community Sinkhole (or six ways to disappear) explores the human subconscious, the fear of disappearing and the strength of a working class community.

Keywords: Queer, Black, magical realism, LGBTQ, intergenerational, women, woman, teenage girl, fear, resilience, subconscious

Genre: Dramatic Comedy / Magical Realism
Run time: 110 minutes
Content note: Contains harsh language, discussion of domestic abusive, drug use (marijuana)

Cast size: 6 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 4
Casting note: The characters Benita and Elsie are written as Black, but the playwright is open to considering the casting of non-white actors of another racialized minority.