Shylock: The Christian of Venice by John Kenwell


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Shylock: The Christian of Venice by John Kenwell

Misery, misfortune, loss, and loneliness are your lot in life. You are Shylock, the disgraced money lender of Venice. Although you torment yourself with grudging acceptance that you yourself have partly contributed to your state of anguish, visceral feelings of mistreatment, betrayal, and injustice by others haunt every moment of your tortured existence...

Shylock is a penniless "Christian" - as decreed by Venice's Duke - at the outset of "Shylock: The Christian of Venice", a five act drama written as a strongly critical reply to Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice".

All main characters in Shakespeare's play appear in "Shylock: The Christian of Venice", as do most of the supporting characters.

A chance encounter between Shylock and a complete stranger starts in motion a series of events which begin to shake up attitudes, lives, and practices in Venice.

Keywords:  discrimination, revenge, hatred, racism, moneylender, Christian, Jewish, compassion, care, benevolence, forgiveness, Venice

Genre: Drama
Acts: 5
Run time: 120 minutes
Male roles: 15
Female roles: 5
Suitable for students 12+
Note: This play was intentionally written using language and phrasing as close to the language and phrasing of Shakespeare's plays as the playwright could approximate while creating an entirely and separate original work.