She Is Buried by Kayla Turnbull


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She Is Buried by Kayla Turnbull

She is Buried is an original play by University of Lethbridge student Kayla Turnbull. The play analyzes detrimental relationships between human beings, and how even the best of people succumb to the dark underbelly of human emotion, through a film-noir inspired script.
When Constance meets Brea through a mutual friend, each of their lives are turned upside-down as they try to navigate through a dark world and overcome the horrific flaws of each other and themselves.

Keywords: she is buried, drama, suspense, film-noir, tragedy, trio

First produced at the Chinook Regional One-Act Play Festival, March 2019.

Genre: Drama

Run time: 50 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
Other roles: 5
Minimum # of roles: 3
Suitable for students aged 16+