Shakespeare's Time Machine by Dan Bray


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Shakespeare's Time Machine by Dan Bray

The plague's the thing... that he's trying to cure! Join Shakespeare on a wild journey through time so he can beat the pandemic and reopen the theatres! Not inspired by any modern viruses.

New comedy by Dan Bray (Hansel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a Terrible Parable, Zomblet), Shakespeare's Time Machine follows the immortal bard as he struggles to understand his place in a post-plague world. When he stumbles upon a time machine, he decides to travel through history and find a way to end the pandemic and reopen the playhouses. Shakespeare's Time Machine is an exploration of responsibility and empathy in the wake of a global disaster - told with a huge dose of humour and wit.

Keywords: shakespeare, covid, time travel, renaissance, comedy, sickness, family

Produced by The Villains Theatre & Eastern Front Theatre, Dartmouth NS, July 2022

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 80 minutes
Content note: Contains swearing, violence, references to sickness and discussions of death
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 7-12 actors
Casting note: This play could be performed with as few as 7 and as many as 12 actors.
The names of the characters in this play are not intended to limit casting to gender, nor any particular ethnic or cultural group. Casting should reflect the diversity of the community and culture in which the play is being produced. Physical attributes ascribed to the characters in the text may be changed to reflect casting.
As some characters have been inspired from history, the playwright defers to their historical gender pronouns. Nevertheless, this should in no way be interpreted as a requisite for casting.

"Clever and uproarious, Shakespeare’s Time Machine is an amazing meld of Shakespearean and more modern times..."
- NS Reviews