Shadow and Substance by Thomas J. Cahill


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Shadow and Substance by Thomas J. Cahill

Adapted for television by Tom Cahill from Shadow and Substance by Paul Vincent Carroll.

The play deals with the Catholic Church in Ireland and shows a church that has drifted from its teachings. The decline of the church’s beliefs is contrasted to the purity of the faith practiced by Brigid, Reverend Canon’s servant. Part of the play revolves around the celebration of the anniversary which marks the murder of twelve Irish patriots. Reverend Canon is against this celebration, fearing violence from the British army. However, it takes place and violence erupts. Reverend Canon’s servant, Brigid is killed during this riot.

Keywords: public moral, holy statue, leftist elements Piety, virtues, martyrs, vengeance, clerics, moral issues, emotionalism, profundities of the classics

Genre: Drama, Adaptation

Run time: 120 minutes
Male roles: 6
Female roles: 4
Suitable for students aged 16+