Seventeen [Anonymous] Women by Carolyn Guillet


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Seventeen [Anonymous] Women by Carolyn Guillet

Seventeen women gather around the metaphorical fire of a lit theatrical stage to tell their stories, to dip their ladles into the bubbling stew-pot of humanity’s collective tales, some new, some old. They sing, they suffer, they laugh, they cry. Feisty, angry, whimsical and forgiving, they obey the ancient dramatic imperative to act out life’s most challenging obstacles, crises, revelations, and transformations, for their benefit and for ours. In the same way a painter moves towards the light, they stumble and grope and feel their way towards joy, taking us with them.

Foreword by Jennifer Wise.

Seventeen [Anonymous] Women was commissioned by Infinithéâtre in 2004, premiering at the Bain St. Michel, Montreal QC, 2005.

"Seventeen [Anonymous] Women was brilliant... Partly the conviction/inventiveness of the writing, and also of those amazing performers...Funny and sexy!"
- Ray Conlogue, Globe & Mail

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