Serving Elizabeth by Marcia Johnson

Scirocco Drama

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Serving Elizabeth by Marcia Johnson

Serving Elizabeth begins in Kenya in 1952, during the fateful royal visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. Mercy, a restaurant owner, is approached to cook for the royal couple. As a staunch anti-monarchist, how can she take the job? Decades later, Tia, a Kenyan-Canadian film student interning in the London office of a production company doing a series about Queen Elizabeth, discovers that there may be more to the story of the royal visit than we have been led to believe. Although she’s been a fan of princesses all her life, Tia learns that fairy tales and real life are very different things.

Serving Elizabeth is a funny, fresh, and topical play about colonialism, monarchy, and who is serving whom — or what.

“Brings new twists to storytelling about the royal family.” —Kamloops Omega

Male roles: 2

Female roles: 3