Seesaw by Dennis Foon

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Seesaw by Dennis Foon

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Charla is the new girl at school, nervous about her shabby clothes and mourning her parents’ break-up. Paige, Charla’s new friend, is only concerned with fashion, gossip, and her good-looking boyfriend, but the emptiness of her life soon comes to light. Josh, a shy and timid loner, neglected by his career-minded parents, resorts to magic in order to make himself disappear when being victimized by the school bully, Adam, who passes on the rough treatment he receives at home. With adult characters represented only by puppets and inanimate objects—a busy career mom is a briefcase containing video games and a plush pillow heart, while a single working mom is a marionette caught up in her strings—the unique world of the four young people in Seesaw reaches us through their own eyes.

Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2