In Search of Passion by Linda McCready


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The play is about the need to pursue one’s passion in order to find happiness. In the summer of 1936, two women from Toronto go on a sketching trip to Baie-Saint-Paul, in Charlevoix County, Quebec. Dorothy, a 35-year old commercial artist, is very serious about further developing her art, while Hazel, a 25-year old typical ‘modern girl’ who hasn’t painted for years, mostly wants to reflect on her future and have fun. While interacting with villagers, especially Alexis, the general store manager, his wife Eulalie, and Marc-Étienne, a trapper who turns out to be a painter trained in Paris, Dorothy and Hazel face various conflicts. Hazel discovers that she has a unique artistic talent and decides to pursue art studies. The situation gets explosive when James, her fiancé, shows up unexpectedly and is not thrilled by her plans, and the village men want to chase her out of town for promoting the rhythm method as a way to control the size of families. In the meantime, Dorothy and Marc-Étienne become close. By the end of the story, both Hazel and Dorothy have experienced a twist of fate.

Keywords: comedy, drama, women issues, fine art, self-growth, friendship, love, motherhood, mental health, Great Depression, 1930s

Running Time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 3