Schoolhouse by Leanna Brodie


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Schoolhouse evokes a way of life shared by generations of rural North Americans. It is set in 1938 in S.S. #1 Jericho School just outside the fictional village of Baker's Creek, Ontario. It is a tribute to all good teachers, but especially those young women who worked on their own shaping the lives of students by inspiring loyalty, fear and a love of learning.

Keywords: Rural, farm, children, teachers, schools, education, feminism, community, sexual abuse, bullying, child abuse, trauma, training schools, one-room schools, Great Depression, history, Canadian history, comedy, audition monologue, Bechdel test, thirties, Christmas Plays, outsiders

Year Printed: 2008

First produced in 2006 at the Blyth Festival, Blyth, ON

Running TIme: 120 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 10
Female Cast: 10