SAY AHHH by Michael Banks


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SAY AHHH by Michael Banks

Have you ever wanted to be a doctor? Even for just a day? What could possibly - outrageously - go wrong?Stanley White is a tourist visiting an island community when he consults Doctor Black, the only local physician, for a prescription. White is a playwright who has always wanted to be a doctor. Black is an amateur playwright who needs to attend the dress rehearsal of his first play tomorrow (Saturday) being held off island. He persuades White to take over his practice for the day, overcoming White's obvious reticence with lots of reassurance and minimizing the risks. What follows is a parade of wacky patients seeking treatment from the hapless fake doctor who has problems of his own.
This is a hysterical romp and yes, there is a surprise ending.

Keywords: Farce, comedy, medical comedy, Fringe Festival

Genre: Farce
Acts: 1
Run time: 80 minutes
Content note: No private parts are exposed. The few swear words may be replaced by more modest cussing. No medical jargon is left unexplained. There are a few edgy bits, consistent with adult farces. Suitable for Fringe festivals.

Cast size: 6 actors
Male roles: 12
Female roles: 5
Casting note: With this many roles, cast members might be glimpsed as they finish changing costumes or wigs. This is fine and may add to the entertainment. Casting suggestions are at the end of the script. There could be 8 actors and up to 14M and 5F parts.