Sania the Destroyer by Mona'a Malik


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Sania the Destroyer by Mona'a Malik

Not just a Muslim, a girl, a Newfoundlander, a wrestling fanatic, nor just the child of immigrants; Sania has a voice all her own. The inciting incident of this play is a sermon, preached by Sania’s father (the imam of the local mosque), about how Halloween is haram— forbidden by Islamic law. When news of the imam’s views reach Sania’s high school, it incites Islamophobic sentiment, leaving Sania caught between protecting her father and flying under the radar at school, where she already stands out. The tension increases to the point where Sania is ostracized and her family is the victim of a hate crime. As both her father and the mayor take on the racially charged incident as a political cause, she becomes aware of their hypocrisy.

Produced by Theatre New Brunswick, February - March 2019

Keywords:  wrestling, Muslims, teenagers, hate crime, Halloween, friendship, grief, racism, discrimination, high school, young adult, YA, mother, father, death

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Young Adult, YA
Run time: 70 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
Suitable for students 10+
Casting note: Though there are 7 characters indicated in the cast list, Sania The Destroyer was produced with Theatre New Brunswick as a 3-actor production, with the three characters being Sania, Bilal, and Kate. The other characters include two characters without lines and pre-recorded commentator voices, though the commentators could instead be played by two actors rather than using pre-recorded voices.