Rukmini’s Gold by Radha S. Menon

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Rukmini’s Gold by Radha S. Menon

An old woman in a white sari sits on a deserted train platform, burdened by a decaying suitcase and an old jewelry box. She has missed her train. Suddenly a young girl appears. “Can I sit beside you?” she asks the old woman. “I’m going with you.” Every second counts in this powerful play about connections and moments of departure. Rukmini’s Gold features ten stand-alone yet interconnected scenes set in geographically unique train stations around the world. Through the eyes of the matriarch, Rukmini, the play tracks the passage of one South Asian family, crossing continents and spanning a century. Exploring themes including love, class and caste, women’s struggles against patriarchy, colonialism, and the global movement of labour, Radha Menon’s cast of characters take us on life journeys where trains are missed, opportunities are squandered, and family members are separated in space and time.

Cast size: 7 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 5

“A work of graceful eloquence, Rukmini’s Gold is a Fringe play that’s a must-see.”
Hamilton Spectator

“Supporting these performances was a gorgeous script by Radha S. Menon that shifted gracefully between hilarity and heartbreak. Every character Menon has written is given a chance to prove themselves beautifully complex as they explore their connection to their family and their culture, their hopes and their regrets. It is a witty and honest commentary on the way our cultures meet and change, and how family pushes us apart but ties us together.”
Mooney on Theatre