RUE by Brian Richardson


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RUE by Brian Richardson

Cindy Lu Marshall is a redhead undergoing treatment for schizophrenia. Her “psychotic’ episodes she feels as invasions. Unbeknownst to her or her doctors she is experiencing memories of her genetic ancestors carried in her soma. As she progresses in her treatment her invasions echo the historic and mythic invasions of her parents’ home land, Ireland.
The play involves an Irish historical figure (Aoife Ruagh MacMurrough) her mythological beliefs, and the bardic voice of racial memory in a blend of poetry, movement, and dramatic monologues.
The play has three characters: Cindy Lu, and Soma, both female, and The Bard who can be of no particular gender. All redheads.
The play poses the question: can genes carry more than attributes or traits, do they, in fact, carry memories? What might happen if instead of characteristics the actual characters were to emerge in a modern person? Could it be some form of Schizophrenia?

Keywords: Irish History. Gaelic mythology. Schizophrenia. Bardic voice. Strong females.

Produced at the West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg MB, September 1991

Genre: Play with Music
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes
Suitable for students 16+
Content notes: Rejection of her female attributes by Cindy Lu may be triggering for some, possibly transgender individuals.
The original music should be obtained from the composer, Loreena McKennitt. Or, if the producer wishes, music may be composed by a musician of their choice, bearing in mind the Gaelic character of the music.

Cast size: 3 actors
Female roles: 3
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 1
Musicians required: 1
Casting notes: The actor playing the Bard should have some ability with a harp, lap size or larger, but bardic (not classical concert) harp.
The role of the Soma would need dance or movement training.
Actor playing Cindy Lu also plays the characters summoned by the Soma.
A Music director can be simply another musician to support the harper.