Rough Magic by John Lazarus


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In a Jungle mansion in the 1950s, the world's two greatest actors - a classical Shakespearian master and a young Hollywood hunk - lock horns as they prepare a film of Shakespear's The Tempest. Meanwhile, their lovers - the classical actor's longtime male companion, and a beautiful young American danseuse - begin to take a serious interest in each other. A comic and dramatic look at a turning-point in the history of acting.

Year Printed: 2006
First Produced: At the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, BC in 2004.

Running TIme: 105 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1
Total Cast: 4

Comments: The play is among other things an exercise in accents. One of the four characters is an upper-class Englishman, one a Jewish Cockney, one a young white man from rural Georgia, and one a young Jewish woman from Brooklyn.